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Short Term Bridging Loans

Same Day Approval for a Short Term Bridging Loan with Funds Paid in 48 Hours* up to the Available Equity in Your Property1

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Nicole Rumenos
Made it every easy for me and very reasonable interest if you choose to pay later
March 2023
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Completely seamless process! Highly recommend.
March 2023
Raymond John Melton
I found this Business a pleasure to deal with, professional, expedient, & simplistic. highly recommend this Business & its Services to anyone seeking assistance pre, during or post selling a property.
March 2023
Lesley Cooke
The answer to my prayers! Wanting to sell a house but not having the funds to show it off correctly was a worry. This system has allowed me to tidy up the place and market it well. Can I give six stars? Worth it
March 2023
A wonderful Company, that you can use when you don’t have any extra money coming in from rent, while in the process of selling your place. It lifts a lot of pressure off us. What a great service. Total recommend to all my friends.
March 2023
Meg G
This is a fantastic service that reduces the financial pressure of selling your home when there’s already so many expenses! Highly recommend!
February 2023
D Scotcher
Definitely helps with the cash flow when selling the house …. Fees come out of settlement funds
February 2023
Kitty Hunter
A big shout out to Mel who is an absolute delight to deal with - she's extremely knowledgeable with any queries that I have, is always prompt to respond with further information if required, and is just lovely to deal with in general.
February 2023
Troy Matheson
Great idea and helpful in tough times when so many expenses come up when selling a property
February 2023
Kristy-Lee Guazzo
Karyn at explore is efficient, responsive and delivers exceptional results. She made the process of selling our properties extremely easy.
January 2023
Casie Black
Mel, from the customer success team was nothing short of efficient. Thank you for making life easy.
January 2023
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These guys really go the extra mile they know what you want and make it happen. Dreams really do come true.
January 2023
Ritesh Jain
Daniel Waters is amazing. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and always ready to help. I will highly recommend his service.
January 2023
Jason Lamaro
This place has taken the stress out of the process ,i recommend these guys to anyone new to the process of selling a property
January 2023
Laura Twining
Great service, easy to use - takes the financial pressure off at an already stressful time
December 2022
Wendy Young
I’m impressed with the level of professionalism and like that I am constantly informed of what is happening
December 2022
Lilo Stadler
A well thought out service, easy to understand and use. The cost is not prohibitive. So far I cannot see any reason for not using it and I shall report again at the conclusion of the process.
December 2022
Leanne Coleman
Great system, giving option to pay advertising on settlement, smooth very easy to use!!
November 2022
Terry Mezger
Easy to use. Good repayment terms that allow for settlement terms
November 2022
Star Guo
It is a easy and quick process to arrange my marketing fees to be paid after the property is sold. Great service and very handy!
November 2022
Olimpia Chilnicean
Very professional and friendly service, doesn't waste time. Good communication
October 2022
Stephen Choy
Great service and understanding of individual circumstances to accommodate with this service for our property sales journey
October 2022
Leonie Kitchen
We have had many experiences selling property, however this is our first experience having the opportunity to defer Advertising costs. This is a good service to allow extra time and hopefully deduct costs at settlement.
October 2022
Heath Family
Makes managing payments so efficient, takes the worry out of $$ management, giving you the option to defer your payments takes so much stress out of an already hectic time... press and forget
September 2022
Kieron Gubbins
Very prompt professional service and would definitely use them again.
September 2022
Tom Morris
I used this service to pay the marketing costs of listing my property, and it was a very easy and seamless process.
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Anna Devlin
Very quick and easy to get the application approved, and one less thing to stress about when selling your home.
August 2022
Dani Evans
Such an easy, straight forward process! Super fast, we had our approval overnight, we applied outside of business hours and Sam phoned by 9am the next morning. Very simple to use interface and the links provided were very self explanatory, even gave a breakdown of fees. Sam was an absolute lovely bloke to deal with and so helpful! Cannot fault our experience and would recommend 100%
August 2022
Kim Kelly
Being able to defer payment was fantastic for us. Our campaign was able to commence immediately and our house was on the market straight away. This is certainly a bonus
July 2022
Alex Speirs
To all concerned, it's been really good working with Realty Assist, they understand that the initial outlay of selling your property can be stressful and in this day and age money can be tight for most families. Realty Assist helps reduce the stress by deferring the on costs until the property sells. Thanks for your understanding Realty Assist.
July 2022
Dellas Port
Wow! What a fantastic way to assist seller's by deferring market costs until settlement. And so easy to use. Not only do they take the financial stress out of putting your home on the market, but they will even lend you more money to fix up those little things around the house so that you can present your home in the best possible way. And again, repayment is deferred until settlement. Cannot recommend more highly.
June 2022

What are Short Term Bridging Loans?

SettlementAdvances.com.au offers a short term bridging loan alternative, called a settlement advance, which is also similar to a fast bridging loan.

Settlement advances allow you to release the available equity1 you have build up in your property - fast! Advances can be set up and approved on the same day with access to funds, usually within 24 to 48 hours. In urgent cases, we have been known to approve and fund the advance on the same day; such as when the vendor needs access to their property's equity in order to bid on a property at auction, on the same day.

Advances can be utilised for any number of purposes, ranging from home repairs or improvements, property listing and advertising costs, all prior to the home sale. After the house has been sold, but before settlement, advances may be used for putting down property deposits on the next home, bidding at auction or even to cover the costs of buying a new property outright.

The loan term is set up for an initial 60 days, giving sellers time to prepare and sell their property ( via our Vender Paid Advertising product) and once sold, giving time for the sale to proceed through to completion at settlement. Advance terms may be extended, sp please contact us to discuss your needs.

See How it Works below to learn more.

How to Qualify for a Short Term Property Loans?

Settlement Advances give you fast access to the available equity1 you have built up, in your home. In order to qualify for a short term property loan, you need to have build up equity in your property.

If you do not own or have not recently sold your property, then you will be ineligible for a home equity loan, as you will not have any property that can be used as security for your loan with us.

We can only approve settlement advances, or short term property advances, up to the available equity value you have in your property1.

Your property must be in the process of being sold and under an unconditional offer or has already sold, pending settlement to qualify for our pre-settlement loans.

If you need funds to assist with preparing your property for sale, or to cover advertising costs, we may also be able to assist via our Vendor Paid Advertising product.

If you are not selling your property, unfortunately, we cannot assist you with an advance.

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Do You Qualify for a Short Term Bridging Loan?

In order to qualify with Settlement Advances with your short term bridging loan enquiry;

You must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be an Australian resident or citizen
  • Own or have a mortgage on your home or property
  • Be selling( or have recently sold) your home or property
  • Be able to solve your cashflow needs with a short term bridging loan
  • Be able to repay your advance on settlement( when your property sells)

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What Can Short Term Bridging Loans be Used For?

Short term bridging loans can be useful in a number of situations, where you are asset rich( in a property) and have a shortfall in cash and need access to your equity fast.

If you are in the process of selling your property, you know that when your property sells, the equity that you have built up in your property will be available to you, however if you need to make use of that locked up equity before the settlement date, a short term bridging loan may help.

Some common examples include:

  • Getting an advance prior to the property sale for essential repairs
  • Putting down a deposit on your dream property
  • Bidding at auction for your dream property
  • Completing a property purchase to an agreed date - before your sale completes

How it Works - Short Term Bridging Loans

Selling or Sold Property

Selling Property
You are selling or have sold your property but you need access to some or all of the settlement funds - fast - before it settles.

Make an Application

Process Application
We review your details, process your application ASAP and keep in touch with you at every step.

Pay Settlement Advance

Pay Settlement Advance
We quickly pay your settlement advance into your chosen account, as soon as your application has been approved and you have agreed terms.
Your Short Term Bridging Loan application will take only a few minutes to complete, so you can get your funds as quickly as possible.

Compare Settlement Advances to Bridging Loans

Settlemet Advances Logo Typical
Bridging Loans
Borrow up to Available Equity1 tick cross
Same Day Approval tick cross
Typical Funding Time 24 - 48 Hours 2 - 3 Weeks
No Application or Admin Fee tick cross
One-off Credit Fee2 tick cross
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Short Term Bridging Loans Calculator


Standard Rates

VIP Rates*

Example Advance up to 60 Days1

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Short Term Bridging Loan Costs Chart - Examples up to 60 Days

Example Borrow Repay
Preparing for Sale Costs $10,000 $10,600
Property Advertising Costs $15,000 $15,900
Pre-Sale Property Repairs $25,000 $26,500
Deposit for New Property $80,000 $84,800
Bid at Auction for Property $150,000 $159,000
Purchase Property $500,000+ VIP Rates*

Everyday Customer Stories*


Edmund was advanced $88,000 on his home settlement to bid at auction

Edmund sold his property on a Tuesday and wished to attend an auction on the upcoming Saturday to purchase his new property. Unfortunately, the banks advised a wait time of approximately 14 days to get a bridging loan in place. This would mean Edmund would miss out on the auction and perhaps buying his next home.

Luckily, with RealtyAssist, Edmund was quickly advanced $88,000 from his sales settlement on the same day he applied and was able to bid at the auction. He was successful in winning the auction!

Edmund got the home he wanted and got the funds in his account within 15 minutes of his application for a small fee of just $3,695.


Dawn was advanced $260,000 on her home settlement to purchase a retirement home

Dawn was looking to purchase in an over 55's. Retired and equity rich but cash poor, she was unable to service a loan for the deposit to make the purchase into the new property.

RealtyAssist was able to help with the entire purchase price of $260,000 in under 48 hours and Dawn settled on her new place before she settled on her sale. The sold home settled two weeks after she was already happy in her new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short term bridging loan?

A short term bridging loan, gives you access to the equity you have locked up in your property, that you are in the process of selling, under unconditional offer or have recently sold. Also known as settlement advances.

What situations can settlement advances be used?

Short term bridging loans, vendor paid advertising or settlement advances, can be used in two different situations:

  1. Prior to sale - via our vendor paid advertising product - preparing the property for sale, such as maintenence and repairs, as well as covering associated costs, such as property listing fees.
  2. Prior to settlement - settlement advances - when the property is under offer or has recently sold, but you are awaiting settlement but need access to the cash before the settlement date. Where you may need to put down a deposit on another property, bidding on a property at auction or the outright purchase of another property.

Can settlement advances be approved on the same day of application?

Yes, they can. When applying online, select 24 hours, so we know the need is urgent. We will then call you back as soon as we can, during regular office hours. When you complete your application online (takes just a few minutes), we will tell you what documents you need to have ready, so that your advance can proceed smoothly.

Examples of documentation required:

  • Contract of Sale - (if applicable) for the property you are selling or advancing against
  • Mortgage Statement - PDF document issued by your mortgage provider
  • Solicitor or Conveyancer - (if already arranged) their name, company and contact details
  • Identity Verification - A clear, colour photo of the front and back of your Driver's Licence

Are there any faster loan alternatives to bridging loans?

Yes, there are. Bridging loans from banks, can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to get approved, or rejected. Settlement advances or short term property loans, are faster than bridging loans, as they take advantage of the fact that the property is soon to be sold and the funds can be easily repaid at settlement. Settlement advances can be paid on the same day, 24 or 48 hours, in situations where you need access to your funds quickly.

See fast bridging loans for a quicker bridging loan solution via a settlement advance loan.

See Bridging Loan Alternatives for other property lending options.

How long does the application take?

The application with us should take less than 5 minutes. We just need some details about your advance needs, the property you are selling or have already sold, and of course, your details, so that we can contact you, to complete your advance.

How much could I borrow or advance with a short term settlement advance?

The amount you can advance with us, will depend on the amount of available equity1 you have locked up in your property, that you would like to access.

If the property you are selling, is pending settlement at $700,000 and you have $200,000 left to repay on your mortgage, then your equity in the property is $500,000. Your available equity would be 80% of that $500,000, which would be $400,000. You could potentially advance up to $400,000 with us, in as little as 24 hours.

The advance is set up for an initial period of 60 days, which can later be extended for an additional 30 days or longer.

The maximum advance amount1 is $5,000,000.

How much will a settlement advance cost me?

This will depend on how much you are looking to advance with us. See the Repayment Costs Chart for some examples.

Explore our loan calculator and learn more about our Costs and Charges on our designated page.

When do I have to repay my settlement advance?

Your advance will be set up to run for an initial 60 day period. This works well in most cases, but we understand that in some situations, longer periods may be necessary. In these situations, please speak with us and we can advise on a case by case basis.

What documents or details will I need to provide?

See below for a list of common document requirements. The actual documents needed will depend on the stage you have reached, selling your property.

  • Contract of Sale - (if applicable) for the property you are selling or advancing against
  • Mortgage Statement - PDF document issued by your mortgage provider
  • Solicitor or Conveyancer - (if already arranged) their name, company and contact details
  • Identity Verification - A clear, colour photo of the front and back of your Driver's Licence

How can I speed up my advance approval and funding?

To help speed up your application, complete the short enquiry form above, which should only take 3 or 4 minutes, give us your advance details (make sure to select '24 hours'), contact details and property details straight away. We will give you a call back, so be ready to accept a phone call from us or give us a call directly to 1300 893 199, during office hours.

Can I get a loan to buy a property before my house sells?

Yes, you could1. If you have sold your property and are awaiting settlement, you could get access to the equity you have built up in the property1, as a short term property loan, allowing you to purchase, or put down a deposit on your next property.

Should I sell my home or buy a new home first?

The ideal situation is where you can align the selling of your old property with the purchase of a new property. However, things don't always work out the way we would like them to. If you don't have a deposit handy, apart from the equity in your home, it makes finding a new property difficult. To give you additional flexibility, you could use a settlement advance1. With a settlement advance, it could give you access to the available equity in your property, allowing you to put down a deposit on, or buy, a new property quickly, without having to wait for the settlement date of your old property. This way, you can ensure you don't miss out on the property you want, just due to cash flow issues.

How do I get a short term loan for property repairs before I sell my home?

Settlement advances can help you with that. Click on Get Started, above and complete the short form.

How long is a settlement advance loan for?

Settlement advances are set up for an initial 60 day period. If you need the advance for a longer period, please let us know.

Can I get a short term property loan?

If you currently own (or have a mortgage) your own property, with a settlement advance, you could get access to a short term property loan1. Providing you are intending on selling or the property is under unconditional offer and you are awaiting settlement.

What parts of Australia do Settlement Advances cover?

Settlement Advances service the whole of Australia.

We have offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but can offer settlement advances on your property wherever you live in Australia.

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